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"Gotta love our Poutines!"

Ed's Sub Elmwood Drive

Poutine Master

Temporary Hours

From Monday Sept 19-Monday Oct 31

Monday and Tuesday




Loaded Cheesburger Poutine

Feast Atlantic Poutine Week

Regular Hours

We would like to give a big Thank You to everyone who voted for us during the nomination phase and than the actual voting!

Because of your amazing support we won first place for our fries!!

You’re all awesome!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

Lumberjack Poutine

The latest "crave" from The

Poutine Master!

As requested by Denis Mazerolle.

Ingredients: baloney, wieners, bacon, fried onions with cheese curds, smokey bbq sauce and gravy over top our freshly made fries!


ALL WEEK LONG! Stop in for a delicious hot serving of home made chicken Fricot! We start serving it at 1 1 am. Come and get yours before it's all gone! Only at Ed's Sub Elmwood Drive!ava

BOFM90 radio station loves Ed's Sub Elmwood Drives poutine creations!

Ricky is always brainstorming of new ones!....Stay tuned 

op in for lunch or supper and try our latest creations!

Our specialty poutine menu continues to expand! St


Moncton Poutine Festival 2017!

Ed's Sub Elmwood is very excited to add another new mouth-watering poutine to our menu!

The 3 Cheese Pizza Poutine is now available for your eating pleasure!

With 3 cheeses:; squeaky cheese curds, shredded cheddar, fresh parmesan combined with salami, pepperoni, onions, green peppers and mushrooms! Topped with home made pizza sauce! 

NEW creations! They are made everyday from fresh New Brunswick potatoes, topped with delicious cheese curds; specialty toppings for each themed poutine; not to mention our tasty gravy! Be adventurous and taste one of our specialty poutines pictured here!

Ed's Sub Elmwood Drive had a blast at this weekends Moncton Poutine Festival!

We thank everyone who purchased tickets to make this event fun and successful!

Ed's Sub Elmwood Drive is proud to offer a Holidays/Christmas poutine all year round! Topped not only with our delicious gravy and cheese curds, but with stuffing and home made cranberry sauce as well! Stop in and give this mouth watering creation a taste!

We Cater To You!


Grab a crisp, fresh and mouth watering Greek Salad for your Lunch or Dinner! Here at Ed's Sub Elmwood Drive, we only use the freshest veggies and feta cheese. Our signature Greek Salad dressing compliments the salad perfectly!

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Say it


Say it


Chicken Mango Wrap! It's at Ed's Sub Elmwood; with a delicious tango of a mango flavor added to a crispy crunch of flavorful breaded chicken breast! Head on over to Ed's on Elmwood Dr right now! Cut!! And that's a WRAP baby!